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Let me tell you about a young woman I picked up recently-- the kind you'll be picking up very soon. And just so you fully get the picture...

I’m around five feet tall … have a pretty bad speech impediment… and I'm downright fugly. But still her natural defenses were no match for my mind-blowing double-pronged system of subliminal scientific seduction.

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In just a few minutes I’m going to reveal the secret weapon of other dating gurus. That’s right… I’m just going to give you the secret that the other guys are charging anywhere from $90 to $2,000 for.

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Unlike what other “experts” are peddling, I’ve got the one-two-punch that knocks out her defenses and puts you completely in control.

How’d you like a key that gives you instant access into the panties of pretty much any woman you want?

M.W., OH, via email

C.W., via email

And stick with me till the end of this page to find out how you can use this unfair advantage to subliminally command anyone to GIVE YOU MONEY!

Imagine how incredibly valuable a tool like this will be for you.

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Before you read even one more word, I need to set the record straight.

If you’re here looking for the same kind of crap everyone else is selling, then don’t read any further.

If you’re looking for a book full of pick-up lines that were old when your grandfather used them, then don’t read any further.

If you’re looking for some lame “seduction script” to memorize that is supposed to get you laid, then don’t read any further.

But if you’re looking for a truly one-of-a-kind system of absolute seduction, then read each and every word of this letter very carefully.

An opportunity like this may never come your way again.

And you have my personal guarantee that it will work for you. Not that it can work, or should work. It will work, as long as you take what you learn and put it into practice.

One thing though… You have to have half a brain to use this system. This is real science. If you can’t grasp simple scientific concepts, then you probably should just go to the competition and learn how to say, “What’s your sign?” in 16 different languages.

Not sure whether or not you can handle this groundbreaking method? Don’t worry. If you discover it is too advanced for you… it will cost you nothing. That’s my personal guarantee!


EDITED TO ADD : This system is so powerful that I wasn’t even sure I want to put this kind of weapon out on the street. So… I’ve decided to only make it available to the first 500 to respond. This “Maxspeed No Limits Edition” package has never been offered before… and after we hit the 500 mark, it will never be offered again!

There will be no exceptions!

From: J.D. Fuentes
Thursday, 11:10 a.m.


Dear Future Seduction Artist,

Rejection sucks!

But you deal with that all the time.

You’ve tried everything you know to meet women, but when it comes time to close the deal… you’re screwed.  And not in the good way.

You spend all your time and money trying to get an edge.

You buy the trendy clothes. The expensive colognes. You may have even bought one of those bogus Pheromone sprays that are supposed to draw women like flies.

You’ve read all the articles, where so-called “dating experts” tell you how “being yourself” and “listening” are the keys to finding the perfect woman for you.

Well… I’m here to set you straight. They’re wrong.

First off, the perfect woman for you is any woman you desire. Isn’t that true?

Think about it. If you had the power to command any woman you want to be yours, are you going to waste that power on just one woman?

Of course not. If you had that power (and in just a few minutes, you will), you’re going to use that power to attract the sexiest and most desirable women to you.

Not once… not twice… but anytime you feel up for it. You’re going to use that power on as many women as you want.

“Did you seriously think Dr. Phil
could get you laid? Come on.”

As you read each and every word of this page, you will discover that once you acquire this system, the entire game can be quickly and easily turned around. Now you’re the one in control.

You’re the one doing the picking and choosing.

You’re the one who can now send massive surges of sexual energy through a woman’s body… just by talking to her.

You’re the one getting all the women you can handle… anytime you want. And not just any women. The hottest women. The kinds of women you wouldn’t have even had the nerve to talk to before. Now they’re begging to be with you.

Do you have any idea how much power that is?

I’m about to put so much unbridled power in your hands that it may be dangerous. You will, once and for all have the secret that literally billions of men will remain clueless about… for the rest of their lives!

Today, you will be empowered to flex your subliminal sexual muscle on any girl you desire.

“You will discover the hidden ‘Do me’ switch buried deep inside every woman.”

Most men have no idea the hidden “do me” switch even exists, let alone where to find it. Because of this, the women they know are secretly frustrated, restless, waiting… waiting for someone who can truly “hit the switch”. Waiting for someone to knock them off their feet… sending their fantasies and sexual cravings roaring into overdrive!

Starting today, that someone is going to be you.

A woman’s “do me” switch isn’t on her body… and that’s good, because you know how protective hot, sexy, luscious women are of their sweet, juicy bodies… until they know they want and need you… and then those saucy, curvy bodies go down on their knees, begging to be touched!

Where’s a woman’s “do me” switch?

It’s waiting, untouched— virginal— deep in her brain!

She’s born with it!

She’s waiting for you to hit it!

Her “do me” switch is like a fairy princess, lost and lonely in the cold, cold woods!

She’s wondering, Why can’t I find a man who knows how to touch it?

But her wait is soon going to be over!

You’re coming to her rescue.

You’re going to swoop down… pluck her from the cold woods… and carry her into a hot, wild, place of explosive ecstasy.

A place where she’ll finally feel the blinding pleasure she’s been craving !

You’re going laugh as you see a sexual wildfire suddenly rage through her hot, restless, blushing body!

You’re going to send an electric shock of pure sizzling pleasure buzzing through her brain… and she’s going to love you for it!

You’re skeptical. I understand. I would be too. But just give me 11 minutes of your time and I’ll give you the command of intense magnetic attraction.

True Sexual Prowess.

Not just to pick up the sexiest and hottest women, but to satisfy them like they’ve never been satisfied before.

“Eleven minutes that I promise
will change your life forever!”

D.H., Florida, via Email...

You think you’ve seen this before. I guarantee you have not.

My name is J.D. Fuentes. And you might notice from my silhouetted picture at the top, that I’m not one for making myself public.

There are a couple reasons for this.

First… I’m just not attractive. I’m 5’ 3” and weigh 95 pounds soaking wet. I wear Coke bottle glasses just to see 2 feet in front of me, and I have pointy ears and perpetual bad hair.

Picture a geeky elf.

Having a photo of me on any webpage is sure to create a frenzy of people clicking away.

But there’s a more important reason I don’t show my face. It’s because I just don’t want any of the women I meet (and instantly attract) to discover my identity.

You see… unlike some of the self-proclaimed “pickup artists”, I actually practice what I preach. I use my own system to instantly meet and seduce around 2 hot women per day.

I know it sounds impossible.

But it’s true!

Obviously I don’t have sex with all of these babes (I do have to sleep), but I do find myself in sexual situations with an average of 2 different women every single day.

And these are women I just met!

If you would have told me just a few short years ago, that I would soon be getting sexual with even 1 new woman every month, I would have said you were nuts.

You see, my background is probably similar to yours. I wasn’t rich, didn’t drive a cool car, wasn’t an athlete, and as I mentioned already… I’m not too easy on the eyes.

Being something less than any girl’s vision of the ideal guy, I knew...

“I wanted-- no, I needed… an edge.”

When I was in high school, I discovered that people--even pretty girls--will talk to you... so long as there is something special… something unique about you.

For some guys it’s music. Ask any dude in a band why he spent all that time practicing the guitar, and he’ll tell you… “To get girls.”

Maybe for you it was magic. Doing magic tricks has been used as an ice breaker for centuries. David Copperfield, David Blaine and Chris Angel have all admitted they got into magic to get girls.

For me it was hypnosis. I learned a little hypnosis --and just for fun-- began using it around school.

It did the trick for me.

It got me out of my shell and more importantly, got the girls actually talking to me.

Then hypnosis became much more than a hobby. After more study I was officially certified as a hypnotherapist.

The Big Darn Seduction Guru Secret

My talents and education in hypnosis led me to something called “Neuro-Linguistic Programming,” or NLP. It’s an offshoot of the whole hypno-thing that doesn’t involve a watch on a chain or any of that “You’re getting sleepy” stuff.

NLP taught me that you can use words to give women – even women who aren't attracted to you-- increasingly sexual feelings….

Extreme emotional satisfaction.

And Intense physical pleasure.

Before I knew it, I was actually getting girls. And not just any girls. I was getting good-looking, popular girls.

Girls who were easily out of my league.

“Sure I had a secret-- and that secret led to an even deeper, more powerful secret.”

See, I wasn't the only guy using NLP to get women-- if you took the time to get even a little skillful with NLP... it was natural to start using it to excite women. So lots of guys were doing it-- and making lots of girls very happy!

As a matter of fact, these few guys are the only other “experts” you see out there that have anything real that can help you.

The rest of it is a crock!

There are some guys preaching that you just need new “confidence” to get the girls. Others are saying you need special colognes, or clothes with the right labels, or a mental list of which cocktails to mix. Then there are the guys with the books of pickup lines.

Don’t even get me started on those losers.

I’m sure you’ve seen them all.

But the few guys who teach NLP, actually have something that works.

You could even go to one of those guys and spend anywhere from $100 to $2,000… if you want.

But if you do… you’re going out half-cocked , because I discovered something much deeper than simple NLP.

I have a devastatingly powerful weapon no one else has.

And this weapon is what took me from NLP user who got some dates, to a master with “The Sexual Key” to unlocking the hidden desires of the hottest women alive.

The same key that can get you 2 beautiful women every single day, quickly and easily.

“If NLP is half a roast beef sandwich,
'The Sexual Key' is a 5 pound filet mignon!”

It’s like a key that magically unlocks a woman’s inner soul… draws her closer to you… then pries open their legs like the jaws of life at the scene of 5 car pileup.

Gary M., via Email

Daniel C., via Email

Jake A., Australia, via Email

If you’re on this trek to discover the truth about seduction, then you’ve probably already tried a little NLP. And it works…

To an extent.

You see… NLP is a good weapon. But “The Sexual Key” is so much more. It’s…

“Armor-Piercing Sexual Stimulation...
for every real-life, Rubber-Hits-the-Road
woman-meeting situation!”

A “key” that unlocks the secrets you need to…

Instantly tune in to a woman’s natural frequency. When you understand how a woman thinks you make it easy for her to feel intensely… almost magnetically attracted to you. No matter what you look like. No matter how much you earn. It’s like having “X-Ray Vision” into her mind.
Simply and easily take command of a woman’s subconscious. Once you do this, you’ve not gotten through her defenses; you’re commanding them-- turning her defensive reflex into a natural raging hunger for pleasure! When you are controlling her thoughts, the question isn’t, “will she go to bed with me?” It’s “where’s the closest bed, and will she be able to contain herself until we get there?”
Locate and control her “Do Me” switch! Until now, no seduction guru gave you the complete map that takes you right to that switch, then shows you how to turn it on and off. This switch is like having a full-function, universal remote that operates her blouse, her bra, her panties, and her inhibitions.

When I began this journey, I searched for methods deeper than… more powerful than simple NLP. Then one day it fell from the sky.

Once again, science was the key.

"The Big Secret To The Sexual Key!”

Everyone told me I should keep this secret… secret. But I can’t. I’m just absolutely compelled to tell you.

Okay… you know that NLP, a form of hypnosis, can help you put any women you desire into an open, hungry, receptive trance-like state.

The problem with NLP and those who teach it for seduction is that no one so far has known how to instantly and automatically turn that state into a desire to drop her panties for you.

That is, until now.

As I said, I’m a geek. When I don’t know something, I turn to books and research journals, for the answers. It was hard in this case, because until the moment of the breakthrough, men were being fed the same misinformation since the beginning of time.

“But then in November of 2000, researchers at the Indiana University School Of Medicine, using an MRI brain scan, made a discovery that would change my way of looking at women, forever.”

Scientific Proof:
How The Sexual Key works

You already know that the bodies of men and women are different. What you may not know is that the brains of men and women are different as well. Women don't just act and respond the way they do because of social programming--women's brains are physically different than men's brains, and they handle information and emotion differently.

Learn how women think!
  • The brains of men and women react differently to words.
  • The right words can give women intense pleasure... no matter what you look like.

In late 2000, researchers at Indiana University employing functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) --brain scans-- made a striking observation: Men's and women's brains react differently to language.

When a man hears language, only the brain hemisphere associated with logical, linear thinking tends to activate. A woman, hearing the same language, will activate both the logical and emotional hemispheres.

Women respond much more emotionally than men to language.

Women's brains really are different--
and this solid scientific fact
is like a big red "YES!" power button
jutting out of the back of her head.
Hit the button, and boot up your new world
of sexual conquest!
Women's brains have thicker connections between their left and right hemispheres--as a result, women's brains merge language and emotion.
Male Brain
Female Brain
Gender difference, nlp, and hypnosis.
The female brain has a wider pipeline between brain hemispheres-- a bigger corpus callosum-- than the male brain. It readily combines signals from the left (logical, language-oriented) and right (associative, emotional) hemispheres. Words easily touch off emotions.
Result: You can use words
to attract and arouse women in minutes...
you just have to know the right things to say!

Now that you know a woman's brain is physically different...
and you can super-stimulate it
no matter what you look like...
so you can easily hit this automatic trigger,
because it's a built-in part of her brain...
it's time for you to take full advantage
and show her that you can give her
the pleasure other men can't.

Why keep missing out,
when you can easily use your mind
to get the beautiful women you deserve?

See, put simply…

they discovered that men and women react differently to language.

It turns out that a woman's brain is literally wired differently than yours. She has neuro-pathways created from birth that take different routes than the ones in your head.

This study struck a chord with me.

I started poring through my old session notes from when I was a hypnotherapist. I discovered that even back then, I noticed this phenomenon.

Back in those early days… before this fact was even proven by science, I had seen it clearly… it was seared into my mind like a cattle brand.

Those distinct, consistent, reliable differences in the way men and women think. In the way they feel. Differences in their hidden, built-in emotional triggers.

There was a simple, specific pattern--a structure--that women's thoughts followed.

And it was radically different from the structure men’s thoughts followed.

I even gave it a name.

"The Inward Spiral"

Could it be that simple?

Could it be true?

I tried it out. I'd talk to a woman, and then just offer an idea--a few words--according to the mental blueprint I devised.

Click--her eyes would go wide... her body would
become still. She was waiting... waiting for more.
Ready to drink it in.

Then one of two things would happen…

She'd suddenly give me a funny look, her head might list slightly to one side. She might blink in amazement. Often, she would murmur something like, "Guys aren't supposed to get that..."
Or-- Yes! Yes! Yes! -- she'd suddenly nod feverishly, as if the more she nodded, the more she could feel the wonderful sense of agreement and understanding and connection we were sharing.

“How could I have overlooked this
for so long?
I mean… it was staring me
right in the face!“

Imagine talking with a woman you've known for years. A woman you’ve longed for, endlessly. A woman you never before thought you could ever “be with.”

And imagine…

Suddenly sensing her being touched by your words...
Suddenly feeling her opening her mind to a new, life-changing possibility.
Suddenly seeing her stare hungrily at this new possibility… YOU!
Suddenly feeling the certainty of her desire... Her desire for… YOU!
Suddenly sensing her finally wanting… YOU.

And with this exclusive system, “The Sexual Key,” you now possess the power to quickly and easily tap into her brain to get her turned-on and feeling affectionate toward you!

You want Natasha, that hot babe from the club? The one who wouldn’t spit on you if you were on fire? Just go over and talk to her.

Natasha will be in your bed before she even knows why!

It’s called “The Sexual Key” because it allows you to unlock the resistance you might find otherwise, so you can make women feel great and feel attracted to you, right away.

Here’s the part that will change your life forever.

The more you use this simple structure, the more connected and excited and aroused she’ll become.

It works like magic, but it’s not magic at all.

“We’re talking about built-in, hard-wired, easy-to-use science.”

Don’t believe me? Then listen to the real experts. Guys who used to be just like you, before they got The Sexual Key!

Joe, Oakland, CA

M., via Email

K.H., Australia, via Email

"The Sexual Key"

You have the chance right now to (as one customer put it) completely revolutionize your sex life.

When you sign up now, you get instant access to the life-transforming weapon that will give you the power you've been waiting for.

The Sexual Key

This groundbreaking document is absolutely unique: It is the first and only document in the history of the world to reveal, point-by-point, step-by-step, exactly how women think and feel. It reveals “The Inward Spiral”—the structure of the female mind. When you see and understand this, your relationships with women will be radically transformed. You will understand what they really want… what they are really trying to tell you… how they arrived at their present beliefs… and how to give them immediate excitement, incredible pleasure, and lasting satisfaction… with words alone.

After reading this book, you will never again think, “Why am I not good enough for her?”

Instead, you will see the woman you want. You will know how to arouse her. You will take action. And your ability to instantly arouse her passions… even if you’re “not her type”… will leave her eyes wide and her friends envious! Women will love you!

The Multimedia-Max Module

Make absorbing all the power of The Sexual Key easy and automatic... by just sitting back and watching and listening and clicking and learning... so it's all downloaded straight into your body and brain!

The Maxspeed Tactical Trainer

You are going to use The Sexual Key comfortably, easily, and naturally.

And to ensure that you absorb the skills and behaviors you need as quickly as possible… so that you find yourself immediately comfortable… you’re going to enjoy exploring the MaxSpeed Tactical Trainer. By punching your way through this interactive learning system… you’ll soon find yourself even more comfortable (and probably addicted!) to the details and specifics of The Sexual Key!

Get a solid, lasting grip… at maximum speed!


The Inward Spiral Blueprint

Get the blueprint that leads straight to her mind’s hidden switch! Finally —see the exact ins and outs of her mind, clearly and simply mapped out. You’ll see where most men go wrong, again and again—and how easy it is to guide her down her mind’s pre-set track toward emotional connection, erotic excitement, and sexual, bodily surrender. You’ll see the architecture of her psyche, and exactly how your Sexual Key tool-set operates on her built-in mental and emotional functions. Remember—she wants love and passion and sex… but she needs to know and feel that you can guide her. Use this blueprint to her emotions, and guiding her where you want to go will be as easy as walking down a familiar street… even as you lead her into a whole new sexual world. You can't get attract the class of women you really want until you feel and believe that you are worthy of being intensely sexually desired ... which means tapping into hidden reservoir of power and confidence inside you… and perhaps this reservoir is like a volcano, one that’s been waiting to erupt... waiting to explode. Release the volcano! To help you do this, I’m including, as a special bonus, a system that would cost you hundreds of dollars, if you had to hire me or another specialist to give you the kind of support and reinforcement this reusable, increasingly effective system will now give you.

Your sexual self-confidence… your sense of sexual self-worth… your inner volcano… is going to surge.

The MaxPenetration Audio Module

You've been blocking yourself from full success-- without even being fully aware of it. But now the power of The Sexual Key is going to unlock the power within you, so you can feel justified and energized as you create and share the sexual pleasure and freedom that's been kept for you.

Lie back, listen, and see what happens for yourself, as the full implications of The Sexual Key's never-before-revealed secret remakes your beliefs, your abilities, and your results with the beautiful women you truly want.

The MaxSpeed 7 Step Tutorial

Want the secrets of The Sexual Key laid out for you, in a smooth, easy way? Want to close your eyes, relax, and just soak up the erotic, seductive skill you require? Want to hear, note for note, all the little nuances that will transform your words into the erotic feast that women will dine on for weeks, as they endlessly tell their girlfriends about the intoxicatingly sexual man they’ve just welcomed into their lives? Listen comfortably to an extended, seven- part lesson that will tell you all about how to use The Sexual Key. As you lean back and enjoy, you’ll have the Big Picture on using SK spelled out in clear, sweet, memorable ways… while at the same time you are treated to lessons on technique, lessons on strategy, and rich, colorful examples of exactly how to touch a woman’s emotions, in moments… because when you listen to the Audio Course, it all comes together.

Put on some headphones, and you’ll listen to the sounds of your rich, satisfying sexual future being woven… and by the time you finish listening, you’ll see and understand women in a radically different way… so that when you talk to them, they will feel you touching their deepest emotions and desires… in ways men with less ambition than you won't even let themselves imagine.

The mp3s in the Sexual Magnetism Trainer are perfect to have on hand for a quick boost of seductive energy.

Burn a CD for your car. Or load them onto your iPod!

The 5 Part Sexual Magnetism Trainer

In 50 minutes, I’m going to walk you through a new way of looking at yourself… so you can see what women hope to see in you… and you can see and appreciate and feel the incredible sexual value you’ve been keeping hidden. After this 50 minutes, you will move your body in new ways. You will move your thoughts in new directions. New feelings will move—naturally, instinctively—through your muscles and gut.

And women will be moved toward you.

Let your massive sexual value hang out, and feel the women around you pulled toward it… as if they’ve been staggering through the desert for days, and now, only by surrendering to opportunity, only by drinking deeply of your massive sexual value, will they taste the magical sexual elixir that will restore them to life and health.

See and feel and appreciate the sexual magnetism that’s been locked inside you, and you will begin to instinctively move through the world in a whole new way… and as you listen to these audios, your body will develop a more primitive, more animalistic, yet more powerful and more sexually magnetic way of being.

Your new instincts will hook her instincts, as the lion’s paw catches the gazelle. This new set of understandings… this surge in sexual self-esteem… these reawakened animal instincts… combined, as they burn and prickle and buzz in your body… combined, in ways that allow you to tap into powers you didn’t know you had… combined, are worth hundreds of dollars, because they will open hundreds of doors over the course of your life.

And I am offering them free, as a bonus, when you purchase today.

Download now, so you can feel your confidence surge!

And After Thinking About It--
Because I'm Fighting Against People
Who Want to Make You Waste Your Money on Cars and Clothes and Fancy Restaurants--
I'm Also Going to Give You These Surprise
Sexual Success Multiplier Bonuses:

If You Act Now--
And Only Through This Exclusive Offer--
You’ll Receive These 4 Bonus Modules…


1. The Sexual Key Conditioning Program

Think you’re anywhere near the limit of what you can experience, sexually?

Think again. The fact is, you are beginning an adventure— think swordplay, burning torches, a world of fire and blood—only not with treasure as its end, but lust and fun and pleasure. You are a general, a king on the battlefield of life, deploying your knowledge and power and skill as some deployed their cavalry, their legions, their massive penetrating attacks.

This system will help you comfortably, smoothly, easily make the transition, so you smile and laugh at every step on the way to complete control of your sexual battlefield.

2. The SK Skill-Layering Kit

Brick-by-brick , piece-by-piece, you are going to assemble an entirely new way of being. You will have highly-charged sexual experiences the men around you cannot even imagine. You will smile as you enter every room full of women… and they will be drawn to those things inside you that those men watching cannot offer… no matter how much they spend on fancy clothes, on overpriced drinks, on Italian cars.

Because when they spend money on objects—hoping that those objects will somehow raise their value, increase their status—they are demonstrating to women that they do not truly understand them. They are promising security—and revealing inadequacy. Those men are paying “protection money”—they are paying bribes to their fears. You are a different kind of man. You are investing in your value. You are increasing your value. You are increasing your attractiveness without changing a thing about your looks, or financial status.

Get The Sexual Key, and bring women to you.

3. The Instant Social Command Club Playbook

This is the fast-action instant gratification system you'll use to dominate hyper-competitive social environments, like bars and clubs.

You'll use your "competition"-- all those other guys, all those "ugly best friends" to convince the girls you do want.... that you are uniquely valuable and powerful... that you have no competition!

4. The 11 Part Support Module

Module #4 is among the most important components of your future success.

You will receive an 11 part series to further your education. Over the next weeks and months, you will receive personal email support from me… J.D Fuentes, creator of The Sexual Key. These 11 email practice sessions not only contain highlights from the course, but additional elements to ensure you remain on the cutting edge of your exciting new life.

I also share additional tactics other “seduction artists” like you are using to wrench the process up a notch. And you’ll hear about them first… before anyone else out there.


Gut Impact

I’m also going to let you download another book… a book of which I’ve sold hundreds of copies… without ever really advertising it.

You won't find it at the book store. It’s been sold by word-of-mouth.When you use it on people at the book store, or the bar, or the office... they won't understand how you are doing what you are doing... only that they like it. And they will also understand that you are a man of unique power. Readers have been known to quietly email me, surprised at how much more they’d gotten from it, than from the wildly expensive seminars and trainings they’d shelled out for.

This book is designed to help you recognize someone’s personality type.This book is going to help you...

Know what to say to guide and drive that person.

Know how to move, so you guide and drive that person.

Know what to do—on every level—again and again—so you guide and drive that person.

Take action—again and again—to guide and drive that person.

See that person’s defenses.

See that person’s habits. See that person’s beliefs. And then punch through them.

Punch the gut.

Produce impact.

Get Gut Impact.

If you had this power… if you really had it, so you could use it… so you were fully enjoying it… day after day… so you woke up with it in your mind… so you went to work with it, in your hand… so you gave speeches… led presentations… controlled negotiations… could feel yourself being reinforced, again and again, with exactly this power, as you feel your power increasing just knowing you're going to use it, again and again, so you feel even more power

… And then someone tried to take it away from you…

How much would you pay to keep this power you’ve got? What price would be too high, to hold onto your power? Why let someone take what you have? Can you stop that from happening? Do you have the power to keep your power? Are you someone who can keep what he fights so hard to get?

I have faith in your power; I have faith in what you will accomplish, after you have chosen to feel the power of Gut Impact. I have faith that, once we both know that you already own it, you will use it… you will enjoy it… you will keep it. I have faith that you are meant to enjoy Gut Impact—in your relationships, at your workplace, in your life, in your soul.

Gut Impact is my personal investment in you...
in your abilities, and in your potential...
so that when your friends respond
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Ray,via Email

A., now in Taiwan...

Okay… you’re convinced.

You see the new power you’re about to possess over women… over anyone. You want that power, but you first want to know how much this is going to cost.

That’s understandable.

Let me ask you this. How much is it worth to you, to finally have that social life you always imagined?

How much is it worth to you, to possess ultimate power over women? Over anyone?

Think about this very carefully. How much is it worth to you… to possess the power to control the way people see you and react to you?

How can this perception by other people, change your life? Get you that girl. Get you that job. Get you pretty much anything you want out of life.

How much is it worth to you, to never again have to spend a night alone… watching TV… or clicking through porn on the internet?

How much is it worth to you, to possess ultimate power over women?

If you went to the competition to buy a simple booklet teaching you the basics of NLP, you’d pay anywhere from $90 up to $200.00.

One “pick up artist” recently charged almost $4,000 for a system similar to the one you’re about to purchase… but not nearly as powerful.

If you could possess something that was better than that system, and get it for ½ that price, you’d have to agree that would be a fantastic deal.

But you won’t pay $2,000 for The Sexual Key – MaxSpeed – No Limits Edition.

You won’t pay anything close to that!

I mentioned earlier that this system gives you an unfair advantage that could even have people giving you their money… just for asking.

And I wasn’t kidding.

You could easily use “Gut Impact” to command any situation. You could even use it on your male boss, or on clients to get what you want out of life.

Yeah… you’ll get the girl, but you could also get the job… the promotion… the bonus… that new client. With “Gut Impact” you could have it all.

But there is something even more covert to this system.

Did you know that most household choices are made by women?

Think about that for a moment. If you work in sales, you know exactly what I’m getting to.

Using The Sexual Key, you will quickly and covertly put women into a trance-like state, open and receptive to your commands. That command doesn’t have to be for sex.

It can be for ANYTHING.

Yes... you can subliminally seduce women to buy from you.

Imagine how this is going to increase your sales! Imagine leaving every other guy you work with, standing there, mouth open in amazement.

Now imagine your commission checks. Bigger than they've ever been before. Bigger than anyone else's.

So… we know the sexual key works better than any other system out there. We know that you can use it to not only get laid… but get pretty much whatever it is you want from life.

Get behind the brick wall of her apparent indifference. Your finger's pushing her mental pleasure button. She’s beginning to think about sex... with you!
Capture her attention... make her focus and listen. Her hidden hunger for love and sex are beginning to emerge. And she’s not horny for just anyone. She wants… you!
Get complete control over her natural thought patterns. She’s now fully aroused. She offers you her honey-sweet body. Touch it. Taste it. It’s all yours!

We both know this system will give you the super power you need to make all of your dreams a reality.

If you already had this power…

If you really had it, so you could use it… so you were fully enjoying it… day after day. So you woke up with it in your mind… so you went to work with it, in your hand… so you gave speeches… led presentations… controlled negotiations… could feel yourself being reinforced, again and again, with exactly this power.

And as you feel your power increasing just knowing you're going to use it, again and again, quickly and easily controlling not only your sex life, but your love life and your business life. You feel even more power …

And then someone tries to take it away from you…

How much would you pay to keep this power you’ve got?

What price would be too high, to hold onto that power?

As you purchase and access your massive, super-charged Sexual Key subliminal seduction system, you will find to your delight that unbridled power to change your future is now a part of your life.

This is what your choice to come to this website has done for you, today.

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“The Sexual Key”
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–- The best-selling 145 page seduction manual that reveals point-by-point, step-by-step, exactly how women think and feel, then teaches you how to get her into a trance, quickly… easily… and covertly. Once she is in that trance, you will posses the power to control her mind. This will get you more girls… get you more fun. Get you laid!
"Gut Impact"
(A $129 Value)

-- What you learn in "The Sexual Key" is now multiplied with the 120 page "Gut Impact." This potent manuscript not only gives you the confidence and power to command women more effectively. It's a manual for changing your life entirely. Command what you want, from whomever you want. You are now a force to be reckoned with in any situation. Business or pleasure!
"The MaxSpeed Tactical Trainer"
(A $97 Value)

"-- The interactive multi-media experience that has you clicking through the process so that subliminal seduction is now a natural part of you. A muscle you can flex at will. It makes picking up women an involuntary action… like breathing.
"The Inward Spiral Blueprint"
(A $199 Value)

"-- The interactive roadmap to a woman's mind. It not only shows you exactly how a woman's brain works, but allows you to put your finger on her "do me" switch. Theory is out the window as you can now experience it for yourself.
"The MaxSpeed 7 Step Tutorial"
(A $169 Value)

"--The audio tool that ingrains the material into your brain. Sears it into your mind like a cattle brand. Download these easy to follow MP3 files and burn them to a CD for the car or load them on your cellphone. Now a refresher is never far away!
"The Sexual Magnetism Trainer"
(A $97 Value)

"-- This audio trainer will have you finally seeing the incredible sexual value you've been keeping hidden. Women will be moved toward you like pins to a magnet.

Jay, via Email...

M., via Email

A.V., via Email...

For everything you’re about to own, including those 5 free bonuses, you could be expected to pay $1101.00.

 But you won’t pay that much, or even $500.00.

 You won’t even pay $200.00.

  You get everything outlined above… the “Sexual Key – MaxSpeed – No Limits Edition.” The entire weapons cabinet for the low low price of just… $149.00.

Wait. Here’s what I’m thinking.

I’m going to pay tribute to my favorite number.

If you promise to do me a favor… I’m going to knock a huge amount off the already ridiculously low price.

So… just today… and just through this offer… if you will email me with your success so I can share it with your seduction “brothers,” you’ll get the entire system for just (I can’t believe I’m doing this) $69.69!

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Note: All testimonials are 100% real! I didn't even ask for them. Guys who were enjoying the new power they possess with “The Sexual Key" just sent them in to me.

There is no way I could come close to using all of them in their entirety. Some are too long and detailed and others just wouldn’t fit this page at all. So, I’ve put a bunch of them on a separate page you can access, in case you need more convincing. This proof is extensive. If printed, we’re talking 15 pages of rock-solid confirmation. And it’s all REAL!